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Updated: July 25, 2012

Officially launched just a few months ago, the free sports wagering website has already gained a loyal following of players who have quickly latched onto this innovative and user-friendly platform.  One of the first gaming social networks in the U.S., Five1Eight Media LLC created this site to provide an opportunity for sports fans to test their skills, increase their sports acumen, pick winners, and enter contests; offering its users the chance to win a variety of great prizes in the process. 

Patrick Gray, CEO and Co-founder of, is pleased at the reception the site has garnered since its release in April.  “It’s been amazing and we continue to grow every day,” Gray said during our discussion last week.  “We have been receiving great testimonials from people who are really enjoying the site and they are passing on the word to their friends”. 

As mentioned above, BetBomb is an online social sports betting site that is free to join.  Each player who joins the site receives 1,000 points to bet with, and each day you return to the site you obtain 100 additional points to use at your own discretion.  “Users can participate in tournaments and win prizes at no cost,” Gray said.  “But if you want to give yourself a statistical advantage over your competition and have a better chance of winning prizes, you can buy “Bomb-Bucks” on the site”.  Users who purchase “Bomb-Bucks” can use the bucks to obtain tips and information to assist them in making educated guesses on games, purchase merchandise, modify certain aspects of the games, and customize their respective player profiles on the website. offers its players a virtual one-stop shop for all sports news and information.  “It’s great for sports enthusiasts as we have detailed news on every game, such as what channel(s) the game will be on, what time it is scheduled to be played, betting trends, expert picks, injury reports, and news articles from all across the sporting world,” Gray said.  “There is also the social aspect of BetBomb that users who might not follow sports as religiously as others tend to like, as players can challenge their friends and wager on what team will win a certain game, talk trash, and interact through the various social networking channels available on the website.”     

A concept introduced on the site in May that users have taken a strong interest in is “The Summer Streak Challenge”.  In this “Challenge”, players qualify for prizes if they can manage to put together a string of consecutive winning bets on any of the sporting contests currently present on  Entirely free to play, winning prizes are handed out to users once their streak hits various milestones; for instance, a streak of 5 successful picks gets you a custom t-shirt, a streak of 15 and they will award you with an iPad3, and a winning streak of 30 gets you an all-expenses paid package (including the entrance fee) to the 2012 World Series of Poker.  “The Summer Streak Challenge” has been a hit with players thus far, which Gray partially attributes to the opportunity for those who have a nice winning streak going to employ “Bomb-Bucks” to assist them with their selections.  This ability to acquire additional information on games to hopefully gain an advantage is just one of the many characteristics that differentiates BetBomb’s contest from streak challenges currently in operation on other forums.   

Still in its relative infancy, Gray and his team are constantly working to bring new ideas and functionality to  “I think we are only about 33% done with all the functionality we plan on adding in the next year,” Gray said.  “We are looking to add more sports to bet on, we are introducing a Facebook App and a mobile App, and launching our new tournaments feature”.  There is already a great deal of buzz surrounding, and this will likely increase in the coming months with the launch of the sites new poker style sports betting tournament that is being lined up for release at the start of football season.

BetBomb should also enjoy some free publicity courtesy of the poker talents of their CEO, as Gray recently made a more than respectable showing at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.  Decked out in BetBomb apparel, Gray advanced to the later stages of the tournament and had the chance to compete against poker legends such as Daniel Negreanu, Todd Brunson, and Barry Greenstein.  Though he loves to play Texas Hold ‘Em, Gray had other motivations for entering the tournament, saying “I did it because we launched BetBomb three months ago and I thought it would be a great way to build interest.  I was wearing BetBomb shirts, bracelets, hats, and at every table I went too people were asking me what we were all about.  I also got the opportunity to play on the ESPN feature table, and if I actually get some screen time on ESPN it would be great exposure for us”. 

With a variety of new concepts currently in the pipeline and the goal of providing its users with the best online gaming experience possible constantly on their minds, we definitely look forward to the future of this company and seeing what the innovative folks at BetBomb come up with next. 


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