Buffalo making strides

Updated: October 5, 2016

After two losses to begin the season, the Buffalo Bills have bounced back with impressive wins over the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots in successive weeks.

This was a situation that could’ve easily went south in a hurry, and though he isn’t out of the woods yet, Rex Ryan now at least has a fighting chance of seeing a third year with Buffalo.

I have closely followed the plight of Rex Ryan since his colorful days manning the sidelines for the New York Jets. He is definitely a lighting rod that elicits a number of different reactions from both the fans and the media, at times receiving praise for his honestly while on other occasions being openly ripped for it. Rex can’t seem to win one way or the other, and letting Greg Roman after the Jets debacle only led to a fresh batch of criticism being directed his way.

Despite his seemingly solid working relationship with the owners and GM in Buffalo and the myriad of injuries and suspensions that have already decimated parts of the roster, it has almost become expected that he will get whacked after the season if his team doesn’t make the playoffs. Mind you, these expectations exist with the QB of the Bills being one that ranks in the mid-tier (at best) of NFL signal callers and a defense that is missing two highly drafted pieces that were expected to come in and contribute from day one, but this is the story that is out there.

With their season hanging in the balance, the Bills came out swinging. Rex’s defense played well against Arizona and New England and should only get better with Marcell Dareus returning this week, while the offense is attempting to play faster under Anthony Lynn and get Shady more involved. The win over the Pats certainly comes with a disclaimer due to the Tom Brady situation, but fans in Buffalo are beyond the point of being picky about what W’s they get.

While 2-2 is better than the 0-4 many thought they were headed for, those two victories won’t mean much if the Bills can’t somehow scratch out a win against the Los Angeles Rams this weekend. It will certainly be tough sledding due to the physical defense of the Rams (in all honestly I am little concerned about Tyrod Taylor making it out of this game in one piece), but if they can take care of the ball and force Case Keenum to make plays, I believe they will be right there with a chance to win it in the fourth.

Buffalo’s schedule gets even more difficult as the season progresses, so they need to take advantage and win any and all the ’50-50′ games such as this one. If they don’t, the chatter around the future of the head coach in Western NY will circle back around before we know it.


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