Kevin Durant vs. Stephen A. Smith

Updated: October 6, 2015

In what can only be described as one of the oddest feuds on record, ESPN blowhard Stephen A. Smith took his beef with Kevin Durant too a new low today, launching a rambling monologue on “First Take” in which he openly threatened the OKC star. This tiff marks the latest in what has been amazing run of incidents for the personality best known for trading pats on the back with this old pal Skip Bayless regarding their mutual unblemished integrity.

Durant questioned that integrity, saying that Smith was pretty much lying and making up stories as it pertains to where the lanky forward wants to play if he elects to leave the Thunder. With an inflated ego and inability to receive live rounds aimed at his direction, Stephen A. did what he Stephen A. does best and went on the offensive. You’d think by sheer number of controversies he has found himself embroiled in the last year alone that Smith might decide to sit one of these things out, but that kind of logic doesn’t seem to be in his DNA.

Smith has been covering the NBA for a long now, and takes his reputation as an NBA insider quite seriously. His biggest claim to fame in that regard might be when he called it ahead of time that LeBron and Bosh would be joining D-Wade in Miami in the summer of 2010. That prediction certainly helped his stature, and regularly touts all the sources he has at his disposal along with the close relationships he has forged with a number of “stars”.

Those relationships seem to be leaking oil to a degree of late, as more and more players seem to be taking umbrage with the false reports from the Chris Broussard’s of the world and firing back at the media. Smith is an interesting position, as he desperately wants to be seen as the smartest NBA guy in the room yet also values the perceived closeness he appears to have with the top flight players. Running down a player of Durant’s celebrity certainly won’t win help in this regard, as KD is known to be tight with the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony – i.e., the guys Stephen A. wants to be on the line with or get for exclusives.

It’s difficult to say whether Smith will come out with some half-hearted apology to Durant tomorrow in an effort to salvage his current and future relationships, or if he is so entrenched in his beliefs that will he continue to spew on and on about how right he is. Either way, while he put KD on notice with some hard words and glares, he must notice that the relationship between players and the media continues to evolve and even the ESPN machine can’t prevent him from eventually being cut out of the inner circle of player information. Tread lightly Stephen A.

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