LeBron’s historic workload

Updated: June 9, 2016

Say what you will about LeBron James (and trust me, I have said plenty), but the guy put in some serious work over the course of his stellar career.

I don’t tout much on ESPN’s website outside of the must-read stuff by Wright Thompson, but this week they did release an interesting look at the minutes LeBron has racked up during his run of six straight trips to the NBA Finals.

They are staggering figures, as he has easily surpassed the amount of playoff minutes and number of games played of all those who have come before him during a six-year span. Those of us waiting for this extreme mileage to eventually cause some noticeable wear and tear continue to be amazed at the ability of James to power through and compete at a high level. What makes this even more impressive is that other than the past year or two, you don’t often think of LeBron and “easy minutes” due to the speed, force, and high impact nature in which he plays.

He will need all he has left in the tank in order to lead his Cavs to three more wins over the heavily favored Golden State Warriors. Despite the terrible state of the Eastern Conference (especially high level teams), I still believe this might be one of LeBron’s last/best chances to win another title. This breakdown of his workload only served to reinforce this belief, for when the end does come (as we saw with Kobe Bryant these last few years), it might come swift.

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