Max Scherzer unable to deliver against the NY Mets

Updated: September 8, 2015

This was the type of situation the Washington Nationals were hoping for when they inked Max Scherzer to a healthy seven-year, $210 million contract this past offseason:

September baseball, your ace taking to ball to kick off a three game home set against the team you are chasing in the division, and, with a few wins, the chance to make the NL East interesting with about 25 games left to go.

Yes, it was all lined up for Scherzer to come out and deliver a gem against the Mets today, but once again he had difficulty answering the bell. He labored through six innings and was unable to capitalize on the lead he was handed. His offense dispatched of Mets starter Jonathon Niese after only 3 1/3 innings, but ultimately it didn’t matter as Scherzer departed with the score tied at five.

Instead of a shutdown performance out of Max, he got hit….hard. I mean, really hard. Most will focus on the three home runs and four doubles he gave up, but even the outs were of the loud variety. Despite having plenty of life on his fastball, almost every mistake Scherzer made in the middle of the zone was hammered.

The Nationals were hoping to generate some momentum in their building and create a layer of doubt in the minds of the Mets in the days and weeks ahead. Conversely, they lost for the 10th time in Scherzer’s last 13 starts and now face the undesirable task of having to “win” this three game set by sweeping the next two against the Mets’ dynamic duo of Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom.




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