Miami brings back memories of the past, dominates Notre Dame

Updated: November 13, 2017

It was only fitting that during the days leading up to the game in which the No. 7  Miami Hurricanes were going to face No. 3 Notre Dame in a contest with serious national title implications, ESPN seemingly ran their 30 for 30 documentary Catholics vs. Convicts on what felt like a non-stop loop.

No complaints on my end, as for other than the actual outcome of that infamous 1988 Notre Dame-Miami game (in which ND was gifted a win), that is definitely one of my favorite 30 for 30’s. It is the type of documentary that I can always jump in and watch regardless of where it is in the film, and seeing it pop up at various times on schedule this week definitely got me in the right mind-set to feel excited about these two-storied programs once again battling it out in a meaningful game.

Outside of a few quarters of action, I honestly hadn’t seen these two teams play much this season. I knew Mark Richt had been making strides in recruiting and trying to get Miami back to where it once was, but a lot of the chatter leading up to this game was that when you matched these squads up against one another on a position by position basis, Notre Dame possessed the more talented roster.

Whatever the basis was for that analysis, shortly after kickoff it was fairly easy to see that Miami was simply much faster and much more aggressive than their opponents from South Bend. Bullies for most of the year against their previous opponents (especially in the run game), the Irish had not seen a unit quite like it all season, and they found absolutely no room to run, no open spaces to make big plays.

Former Canes coach Jimmy Johnson would’ve been proud, as this group of Hurricanes got Notre Dame down and kept them down. They scored 24 points off of four turnovers, and the resulting 41-8 thrashing ended up being the worst loss in this series since Miami beat Notre Dame 58-7 in 1985 – the start of the ill will between the teams.

Regardless of the outcome, it was exciting to see a high profile, primetime matchup between these lighting rod programs. In many ways they are Duke basketball, the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, and college football is infinitely more entertaining when they relevant. Hopefully this past Saturday was just the start of a new running rivalry that brings in a fresh generation of fans to the table.




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