Michael Bisping can’t defend middleweight title, interim title imminent

Updated: May 24, 2017

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was set to fight this summer in a matchup that would define his career and legacy. His would-be opponent, Georges St-Pierre, who many consider the greatest of all time, expressed interest in the bout as well, despite a four-year layoff. A press conference occurred in March in which the English champion and the Canadian squared off for pictures and engaged with the press.

However, due to a knee injury and other ambiguous reasons, Bisping can’t fight St-Pierre until late 2017. Given his injury, though, fighting in the fall appears to fit the champion just fine. Bisping is aware, however, that an interim championship fight could be on the horizon. As he told the Believe You Me podcast:

“From my understanding, Georges still wants to fight me and I still want to fight Georges. Now they’re saying they want to do a fight in July, and I said my knee isn’t going to be ready in July.” He continued, “he’s not going to be ready until October, November. So, for me that plays perfectly, but I know the UFC wants me to fight; and they’re saying if I can’t fight, they’re going to do an interim title fight.”

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