Rob Ryan joins brother Rex in Buffalo

Updated: January 11, 2016

Few sideline shots in football are more entertaining than that of one of the Ryan brothers letting loose with a string of expletives following a failed play or blown assignment. With the news breaking that Rob Ryan will be joining Rex and the Bills on their defensive staff, I am already looking forward to what should be an energetic yet sometimes volatile environment on game day’s next year in Buffalo.

The hiring of Rob makes for good copy due to the family connection with Rex, but more importantly the Bills have added a coach who is familiar with the defensive system they are trying to implement and can serve as another experienced voice in the room. Rex built his career and reputation on the heels of his great defenses, but this season he was unable to get his talented group of players on the same page. They regressed across the board from the previous season, finishing 19th in yards allowed and 15th in points allowed. It’s rare to think that the defense of a Rex Ryan led team needs to carry its weight and get up to speed with the offense, but they were definitely the unit that held this team back this year.

If the Ryan twins are unable to mold this defense back into a top ten caliber group in 2016, it could be a little while before we see either one of them on the sidelines again in the NFL. It is after all well-known that Rob was relieved of his defensive coordinating duties in each of his few stops while Rex might already be on the hot seat after failing to make the playoffs during his initial campaign in Buffalo. One thing is clear from this move though – if Rex is going to go down, he is going to go all-in and go down his way.

If that entails bringing in someone who shares his philosophies while also managing to have the best silver helmet in the league, so be it.




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