Seahawks’ Super Bowl window is still open

Updated: January 16, 2017

Super Bowl XLIX, for better or for worse, will always be remembered for its ending. On the brink of creating a dynasty in Seattle, Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell brazenly botched the ending goal-line situation, electing to pass on a second and goal from the 1-yard line with 26 seconds remaining.

We all know how that one ended – ‘Beast Mode’ didn’t get the ball, Russell Wilson’s pass in traffic was intercepted and a bit of the Seahawks’ mystique was killed in the process. New England walked away victorious, and Seattle has been trying to get back to the big game ever since.

Following crushing defeats in the playoffs last year against Carolina and again this past weekend versus the Falcons, Carroll has had to stand up and answer the question of whether or not the run for this legendary group of his was over.

It is fair question given the brutal nature of the NFL, for every 3-5 year window even great players and teams seem to fall off due to age, attrition, and free agency. In Seattle’s case though, they started to get really good when its core guys were all relative pups. Because of this, stalwarts like Wilson, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and Doug Baldwin are all still only in their late 20’s.

If it hadn’t been for a freak injury to Thomas late in the season, things might’ve ended up different for Seattle this year (in one of the best games of the regular season, they did beat New England in New England). But, for as good as the defense has been in recent times for this franchise, they must be able to protect their prized QB if they have any chance of getting by all the great teams that reside in the NFC. Carroll ha shown the ability to retool his roster with new blood, and he must do so again and up his offensive line.

This core group of Seahawks has a few years left in them, and, barring a litany of unforeseen circumstances, should be right back in the thick of things come next postseason. The clock is ticking though, and each time Pete has to field that question at the end of the year, the answer is going to get increasingly more difficult.




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