Waiting (a few more months) for Tiger

Updated: October 11, 2016

It seemed almost too good to be a true, as golf fans still chirping about the riveting action from the Ryder Cup we were going to be treated to the latest return to competitive golf of Tiger Woods. The Safeway Open was the event, and it had already been leaked that Woods would be paired with longtime rival/kind of friend Phil Mickelson for the first two rounds.

What would his swing look like? Was the power still there? Was his short game fixed? Would he be able to stand up for four rounds? All questions I was looking forward to gaining some clarity on.

Instead, it turns out it was too good to be true. Citing a game that isn’t quite ready for tournament play, Tiger backed out of the tourney. The mystery surrounding where he is at will now be prolonged until at least December and possibly even longer.

After years of stops, starts, resets, swing changes, and injuries, waiting a few more months to see Tiger in action isn’t that much of a surprise. It’s encouraging that the delay isn’t related to the back issues that have plagued him, for with each passing surgery it had become increasingly unlikely that we would ever see him play top-level golf again. If he is able to physically put in the work again, the best case scenario could be for him to have the type of career that Lefty has put together in this 40’s.

Based on where he is now, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.