Why it’s easy to hate Lane Kiffin

Updated: September 12, 2016

Maybe it’s the smug, arrogant demeanor. Or the hair. Or the boyish good looks. Or the trophy wife (now ex-wife). Or the way he left Tennessee. Or the way he acted while at USC. Or how he gave his dad college defensive coordinator jobs well past the stage in which he was effective. Or how he keeps landing good job after good job. Or the way he skips down the Alabama sideline to celebrate in the middle of a big offensive play that he has hit on. Or the fact that he now makes $1.4M per year to call the plays for all that talent down in Alabama. Or the manner in which he…well you get the point.

Anyway you slice it, there is plenty to not like about Lane Kiffin. That’s what made what happened at the end of Alabama’s 38-10 win over Western Kentucky on Saturday extra special.

You see we all answer to a higher authority, someone who calls the shots – this person in Kiffin’s world is the great Nick Saban. Though in their two plus seasons coaching together has yielded a national title, Kiffin still drives his boss batty from time to time with his play calling. Saban has ripped him a good one on numerous occasions, but this one takes the cake.

Despite my personal disdain for Kiffin, I am not naïve enough to think that he is not a great OC or that he won’t land another prime head coaching gig again in the next year or two. If Bobby Petrino can work his way back into the limelight, there is no reason to think that Kiffin won’t return to the top of his profession as well.

But until that day comes, we should all sit back and enjoy the occasional Saban/Kiffin sideline dustup while we can . For the time being at least, we still live in a world in which there is still one person who can make Mr. Kiffin quake in his visor.


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